Weekly Sermon Quote–April 24, 2022

Watch or listen to the sermon from last Lord’s Day here.

Shepherds Conference

This morning I spoke at John MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles on “The Puritans: Who They Are and Why They Matter” and then did an interview on “Puritan Preaching.” Pray for God’s continued blessing on this wonderful conference of 4,000 ministers from dozens of countries.

Weekly Sermon Quote – February 27, 2022

New Book On Second Timothy

I am grateful to report that RHB has just released the 8th volume in the expository sermon series on the New Testament that Jon Payne and I are editing: “Second Timothy” by Michael G. Brown who pastors in Milan, Italy. These 13 sermons on Paul’s last letter are clearly written and packed full of pastoral helps. In God’s kind providence, I had the privilege of editing this book on a flight to Europe where I happened to meet the author in Milan the day after I finished editing his sermons! Highly recommended for pastors, office-bearers, and church members alike!

Second Timothy at Reformation Heritage Books