“The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living” in Korean

Today we received “The Beauty and Glory of Christian Living” (300 pages; Seoul: Reformed Practice Books), edited by me, in Korean. It contains 12 chapters on living out the Christian faith on a variety of subjects: The Christian Life Inside Out, Living by the Spirit’s Sanctifying Ministry, Living on Things Above, Living by the Means of Grace, Living in the Family, Living in the Workplace, Living Evangelistically, Living in the Furnace of Affliction, Living Morally in a Sexually Immoral Word, Living Positively in a Negative Culture, Living Through Sickness and Death, and Living Hopefully in Hard Times. Pray that God will bless this practical book richly to Korean readers.

Calvin on Sovereignty, Providence, & Predestination

Today we received 1000 copies from Free Grace Press of my new little book, “Calvin on Sovereignty, Providence, & Predestination” (70 pages), in which I aim to make Calvin accessible to readers of all ages on these grand and glorious doctrines.

After explaining Calvin’s emphasis on God’s sovereignty in the context of His fatherly rule and showing how Calvin answers eleven practical (and contemporary!) questions about God’s providence, I show how he teaches that election is the friend of sinners and that reprobation glorifies God and humbles us.

Will you pray with me that God will mightily bless this little book to clear up many misunderstandings about these important doctrines through Calvin’s clear, biblical teaching?


Two Job Opportunities at Reformation Heritage Books

Dear RHB Friends and Customers,

As you may know, Reformation Heritage Books plans to move into a new building this spring. In preparation, they are looking to hire a new Bookstore Manager and Café Assistant.

If you are interested, or may know of somebody who is, please click the links below to find out more details! Relocation assistance to the Grand Rapids area will be made available for the right candidate(s).

Bookstore Manager position: https://bit.ly/RHBopening1

Café Assistant: http://bit.ly/RHBopening2

Reformed Systematic Theology Reading Plans

Chapel Library graciously wrote up, typeset, and published a one year five-day per week reading plan for each of the first two volumes of “Reformed Systematic Theology” by Paul Smalley and me, averaging about four pages a day. A goodly number of people are using this plan for their daily devotional reading and are finding it useful and edifying.

Volume 1 (1300 pages) covers the doctrine of revelation and the character of God, and Volume 2 (1360 pages) covers the doctrines of man and of Christ. You can receive these reading plans free of charge from www.ChapelLibrary.org or www.heritagebooks.org.

If you don’t have the books yet, RHB is offering both volumes at 50% discount at the present time. Each chapter aims to explain a particular doctrine of Scripture to you from a biblical, historical, experiential, practical, and doxological perspective, so that you will never say again that doctrine is dull or dry. Rather, as Luther said, “Doctrine is heaven”—for “by these things men live!”

Vol. 1: https://www.heritagebooks.org/products/reformed-systematic-theology-volume-1-revelation-and-god-beeke-smalley.html

Vol. 2: https://www.heritagebooks.org/products/reformed-systematic-theology-volume-2-man-and-christ-beeke.html

Weekly Sermon Quote – January 17, 2021

God’s Promise

Our son who is on vacation with his family sent us this picture which he took while listening to sermonaudio.com

Yesterday I had the privilege of baptizing three children in our church, including our seventh precious grandchild. My sermon was on Genesis 17:9-14.

We covet your prayers that God would continue to fulfill His promise in Psalm 128:6—especially in the deepest sense of inward peace that flows out of union with Christ and genuine conversion: “Thou shalt see thy children’s children, and peace upon Israel.”

Three New Puritan Reprints from RHB

Today Reformation Heritage Books released three new Puritan reprints—all great classics that aim for our growth in grace in different areas of the Christian life:

The Duty of Self-Denial and Ten Other Sermons” by Thomas Watson
The Pleasantness of a Religious Life” by Matthew Henry
Heaven Opened: The Riches of God’s Covenant” by Richard Alleine

Two New Books from RHB

Reformation Heritage Books just released two more new, excellent books: “Healing Contentious Relationships: Overcoming the Power of Pride and Strife” by Thomas Parr—a much-needed book that expounds God’s solutions to these problems from James 4; and “RE: VELATION: Seeing Jesus, Seeing Self, Standing Firm” by Stanley Gale, which shows us how Christ’s words to the seven churches in Asia each give us a portrait of His glory, a practice that we must follow, and a promise to strengthen our souls.



Decades of Henry Bullinger Reprinted!

I am excited to announce that Reformation Heritage Books has just reprinted the famous “Decades of Henry Bullinger” in 2 volumes, consisting of fifty sermons that cover the entire field of Reformed systematic theology at a popular level. In the Reformation era, these volumes outsold John Calvin’s “Institutes” in England by more than two to one.
If you love Reformed, biblical truth, you will definitely want to obtain and read diligently and prayerfully these precious books. (Please note that our first printing in 2004 lasted only six months!)

Get your set here: https://www.heritagebooks.org/products/the-decades-of-henry-bullinger-2-volumes.html

Safe Flight Home

The Queen and I arrived home from ministering for Dr. MacArthur’s church and seminary before midnight tonight. Just before we left I had a very good talk and a prayer with Dr. MacArthur, and then we had a very beautiful flight from Los Angeles to Denver over both desert and mountains. Mary couldn’t stop taking pictures. Here is just one of them.

Thanks so much to all of you dear friends who prayed our way through this eventful trip. Your prayers mean far more to us than you know.