Reformation Tour: John Bunyan

John Bunyan (1628–1688) studied in Christ’s school of sorrows during his dozen dark years in prison. The lessons that the tinker learned there blazed forth in some of the most beloved Christian books of all time.

Sola Scriptura: One of the Most Helpful Reforms of the Reformation

This video from NCFIC aims to underscore the importance of Sola Scriptura as foundational for the church, not the church being foundational for Sola Scriptura. This is one of the most fundamental differences between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism that we are celebrating in this 500th anniversary of the Reformation.


Thomas Halyburton

Thomas Halyburton (1674-1712), professor of divinity at St. Andrews, was one of Scotland’s greatest theologians. His “Memoirs” record a remarkable spiritual journey, culminating in one of the most remarkable deathbed testimonies ever recorded in church history, and his “Great Concern of Salvation” details with remarkable clarity how the Spirit works salvation. Halyburton, who died at age 37, has long been one of my favorite writers and greatest heroes.

2017 Puritan Reformed Conference

August is here already—the month of our annual PRTS Family Conference. Attached please the finalized version of the program, which we thought you would like to see in advance. Several of the speakers—such as Dr. Michael Haykin and Dr. Carl Trueman—are known throughout the world as experts on the Reformation. You won’t want to miss this special celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Registrations are coming in briskly now from all over North America, but there is still room for another 150 to 200 people. Please sign up for the August 24-26 conference and attend for as much of the conference as you can.

Sign up here

2017 Conference program

Please pray that the Lord will be glorified by all that is said at this year’s event and that His people will be edified.

Travels for Last Year

Here are two letters with photographs that summarize my travels to various conferences and countries over the past year. Many thanks for praying me through these journies.

Pastoral Letter, July 6, 2017: Aruba and Columbia

Pastoral Letter, July 28, 2016: Scotland and England

Reformation Tour: The Pilgrim Fathers

In the early seventeenth century, those who dared to separate from the Church of England paid dearly for their religious convictions. But out of their sufferings sprang a movement that crossed the Atlantic: the Pilgrim Fathers.

James Durham’s Sermons

This is an exciting day for Reformation Heritage Books and Naphtali Press—James Durham’s sermons have finally arrived after years of work! James Durham (1622–1658), pastor of Glasgow’s “Inner Kirk” and one of Scotland’s brightest lights who died at age 35, left behind a treasure trove of solid and savory sermons that are masterpieces of Reformed, experiential truth. Spurgeon said of his sermons, “If I had lived in Durham’s time, I should never, I think, have wanted to hear any other preacher; I would have sat, both by night and day, to receive the sweet droppings of his honeyed lips.” You can do that now!

Finally, all of Durhams’s 133 extant sermons have been brought together in two massive volumes, in a beautiful, critically edited, newly typeset edition, with an excellent introduction by Chris Coldwell. The first volume contains his fourteen moving sermons on the unsearchable riches of Christ delivered as Communion sermons, several sermons on the blessedness of dying in the Lord, and scores of additional sermons, many of which have been almost impossible to obtain even on the antiquarian book market. These sermons address themes such as covenanting with God, adhering to Christ by faith, remission of sins through Christ’s blood, and sweet communion with Christ in heaven.  Volume 2 consists of Durham’s well-known but out-of-print sermons on Isaiah 53—seventy-two sermons in all on Christ’s sufferings for His people which together form a classic comparable to Friedrich Krummacher’s “The Suffering Savior.” The sixty-ninth sermon on making use of Christ’s intercession is a masterpiece that is alone worth the price of both volumes.

Reformation Tour: John Berridge

John Berridge (1717–1793) was a living example of the power of the gospel as it broke forth in the Great Awakening. Converted at age 40, he became a burning and shining light to others.

2018 Rhine Reformation Tour

Join me on a beautiful and inspiring tour of historic Reformation locations in Europe this coming summer.

To sign up, go to Witte Travel, and enter tour code: 070918BEEK.

Justification: A Driving Force Behind the Reformation

A driving force behind the Reformation was the doctrine of justification by faith alone. The Reformers grasped that God declares sinners righteous through their faith in Christ alone, apart from their good works. This exposed the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and unleashed the power of the gospel in the lives of the people.