Grand Awakening Podcast

Judge Randy Hekman interviewed me for 30 minutes yesterday, talking about the need for prayer and both the good and bad news about the American church today.

Pray with me please for a Great Awakening in America that would be greater than the first Great Awakening by the power of the Holy Spirit.

John Calvin’s Sermons on Job

It is very exciting to hold the three volumes of Calvin’s magnificent and beautiful “Sermons on Job,” freshly and robustly translated from the French by Rob Roy McGregor. The sermons and the translation are superb, and it is just great to have them in modern typeface rather than an antiquated translation in facsimile print. Congratulations to Banner of Truth for bringing this fine set of books into print. Let these books be a feast for your needy and hungry soul.

Learn more here.

Reformation Heritage Conference in Signal Mountain, Tennessee

The Queen and I are on our way home from a good 2-day conference on Calvin for about 200 folks put on by the Wayside Presbyterian Church, Signal Mountain, Tennessee, pastored by Brian Cosby and Chuck (Charley) Barrett. After enjoying a delicious dinner in the beautiful home of Ken and Meg Herman late yesterday afternoon, I gave the conference’s first address last night on Calvin’s life and legacy, which was followed by a Q&A session with three of the other main speakers, Dr. Michael Barrett (father of one of the pastors and OT professor at Puritan Reformed Seminary), Rev. Jason Helopolous (pastor of the University Reformed Church of Lansing), and Dr. Brian Cosby (photo 1, with speakers, pastors of the local church, and some spouses; photo #2, Q&A).

This morning Pastor Helopulous delivered two insightful and helpful addresses—one on the importance of involving children in church worship and family worship and the other on Calvin’s Company of Pastors and the importance of having close friendships—especially for ministers. I spoke on Calvin on God’s sovereignty, election, and reprobation. We then had to head for home so that I can preach tomorrow in Grand Rapids. Additional addresses yet to be given will examine Calvin’s view on the Lord’s Supper, on piety, and on union with Christ. Please pray for God’s blessing on this conference and on this growing church which owns and worships in a beautiful building (photo 3) and hopes to put on a large addition in the near future.

We had an interesting experience this morning as we came down for breakfast in our hotel. Two men stepped onto our elevator, with the one in the center of photo 4, greeting us warmly and remarking how wonderful a day it is because of God’s goodness, and then telling us how gracious Christ was for him. As we stepped out of the elevator and signed out of the hotel before going to breakfast, I asked the man who checked us out how his day was going. “Ok,” he said. “Well,” I replied, “I hope you will have a wonderful day.” He responded, “I guess we have to try to make it that way.” I was struck at that moment at the difference between a grateful Christian, and those who have to try to make themselves have a good day.

A few minutes later we found ourselves standing in line to order breakfast behind the Christian who was radiating with joy. After we ordered our food, we went to pay, but the cashier said, “It is all paid for already.” Our elevator friend had quickly taken care of our breakfast! After expressing our gratitude to the Christian brother who paid for our breakfast, we had a very good conversation, and we found out that all his children loved the Lord, and that his son and daughter were joyfully serving on the mission field in Kenya. As he was speaking, I couldn’t help but think of Psalm 128: Blessed is the man that fears the Lord.

Weekly Sermon Quote––October 9, 2022

Find last Lord’s Day’s sermon on Isaiah 40:1-2 here.

Charnock’s The Existence and Attributes of God

Crossway has just released a beautiful, updated, 2-volume (unabridged) edition of Puritan Stephen Charnock’s great classic, “The Existence and Attributes of God”—by far the best book ever written on the perfections of God. These volumes are a treasure of sound theology and humble adoration of the living God. Lightly and well-edited by Mark Jones for the modern reader, this new edition will be a great help to all who seek diligently to know the Lord better. Highly recommended!

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Rev. Paulo Junior

Rev. Paulo Junior, a good friend and well-known pastor from Franca, Brazil where he pastors the Calvary Covenant Church (I have served him there frequently in the last four years), has been visiting us for the last four days together with his associate pastor, Rev. Danilo Santa Terra. For the first time in the history of our church, we had two pastors on the pulpit Lord’s Day morning—Paulo preaching movingly to us in Portuguese about the need to live the Christian life not just privately but publicly like Daniel’s three friends in Daniel 3, and Rev. Tiago Baia, a Brazilian PhD student at Puritan Reformed Seminary translating him into English. Today, the two spoke in our chapel (photo), with Paulo’s message being on the importance of preaching the gospel evangelistically, so that also the unsaved are frequently addressed. It was great to have them here. Pray for Paulo’s ministry in Brazil (hundreds of thousands livestream his messages there) and for Danilo who hopes to begin his Doctor of Ministry program with us in a few months.

The sermon from the last Lord’s day can be found here.

New Book from RHB–The Saint’s Advantage by Christopher Love

Another new Puritan title just arrived from Reformation Heritage Books; it has not been reprinted on its own for 365 years! This precious book by Christopher Love, “The Saint’s Advantage by Christ’s Ascension and Coming Again from Heaven,” deserves to become a classic. Helpfully introduced and well edited by Randall Pederson, it is thoroughly biblical, soundly doctrinal, warmly experiential, and beautifully practical. Above all, Love’s treatise on these underdeveloped steps of Christ’s exaltation abound with comfort and encouragement for true believers. If you would be lifted to heavenly places to treasure your Savior and Lord all the more, read this highly recommended gem.”

Learn more here.

Conclusion of the Puritan Conference

We are winging our way home now from Los Angeles, having completed three back-to-back conferences in Tennessee, Kentucky, and California over the last 9 days. Yesterday was the last day of the Puritan Conference that John MacArthur’s team hosted for us (that is, for Reformation Heritage Books and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary) in his Grace Community Church, Los Angeles. Their hosting on a scale of 1 to 10 was an 11. That high score is applicable for all the senior people on MacArthur’s team as well as numerous staff people and 250 volunteers. In addition to the two thousand who attended, thousands more live-streamed in on three livestream numbers (the English website: from 106 countries and all 50 states of the U.S.; the Spanish website: from 42 countries, and 38 states; the English Vimeo: from 64 countries). It was an absolutely wonderful conference (photo 1–8 of the 13 speakers).

Morning sessions yesterday included “The Need for the Puritan Mindset Today” (Dr. Ian Hamilton) and “The Puritans and Victory Over Temptation” (Dr. Geoff Thomas–photo 2). At lunch, we took a picture of the French chef who provided amazingly delicious meals (photo 3). Afternoon and evening sessions included “The Puritans on the Christian Life” (Dr. Ligon Duncan), a Q&A Interview with Dr. John Piper and Dr. John MacArthur (photo 4) and the final session was Dr. MacArthur’s address on “The Enduring Legacy of the Puritans.” I closed the conference with words of thanks to various people (photo 5).

In addition to the 23 inspiring and informative addresses, great fellowship transpired throughout the conference, and literally thousands of books by or about the Puritans were sold. Many people told me that this was the most fruitful conference they had ever attended in their lives. God is good!

Final Day of the Puritan Conference

Yesterday was another special long and God-exalting day at the Puritan Conference in John MacArthur’s church in Los Angeles. In the morning, Mary and I had a sweet conversation with Joni Eareckson Tada (photo 1). Our friend, Dr. Michael Reeves gave the first General Session address in the morning on “The Big God the Puritans” (photo 2) which was followed by my General Session address on “The Puritans on Assurance.” Both were attended by more than 2,000 attendees with thousands more live-streaming in.

We had a good time over lunch with two brothers from Urk, the Netherlands: Jan Zeeman (my left, photo 3) who has translated several of my books in Dutch which have been published by three Dutch publishers, and Rev. Remco DeJong (my right), pastor of the Free Reformed Church in the Netherlands that has 2,000 members.

Breakout sessions in the afternoon included “The Puritans on Prayer and Meditation” (Dr. Stephen Yuille); “The Puritans on Evangelism” (Dr. Mike Riccardi); “The History of the Westminster Assembly” (Dr. Kevin DeYoung); “The Scottish Puritans” (Dr. Ian Hamilton); “The Dutch Puritans” (me). The last two General Sessions of the day were given by Rev. Jeremy Walker on “The Perplexities of the Puritans” and Dr. John Piper on “The Joy of the Puritans.”

Fellowship was great throughout the day. We met scores of new friends, and sold hundreds of Puritan books at our booth. Here I am with a group of men who are part of a Men’s Study Group in a nearby church in which 35 men are just completing a 3-year study of vol. 1 of Reformed Systematic Theology by Paul Smalley and me (photo 4).

God is good. Today is the last day of the conference. You can join us here.

Puritan Conference at Grace Community Church

The last two days have been very special. On Tuesday morning I had the privilege of following Ken Ham’s powerful message by addressing the 1,200 pastors and church leaders at “The Essentials Conference” at the Ark Encounter—first I spoke on “Leading Family Worship” and then on “How Ministers Should Lead Their Families.” I felt helped in both messages, but immediately afterwards Mary and I had to drive to the Cincinnati airport to fly to Los Angeles for “The Puritan Conference.” Meanwhile, our Reformation Heritage Books employee, Luke Ingles, stayed behind at the Ark Encounter to sell many thousands of dollars worth of books.

On Wednesday morning the long-awaited “Puritan Conference” began in John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California. The conference was three years in the making (it was canceled two years in a row because of Covid) as a combined effort between John MacArthur and his large staff and me with the help of my CEO at Reformation Heritage Books, David Woollin, in conjunction with Puritan Reformed Seminary. I am deeply grateful to MacArthur and his great staff and 250 volunteers for doing all the on-site preparations for this premier conference on the Puritans.Well over 2,000 are attending the Puritan Conference (photo 1). The first day went extremely well. John MacArthur opened the conference (photo 2), after which the following plenary sessions took place: The Theological and Historical Foundation of the Puritans (Steve Lawson), The Puritans on Adoption (me), The Puritans on Preaching (Kevin De Young), and The Experiential Theology of the Puritans (Sinclair Ferguson). Breakout sectionals were: The Puritans on the Church and Worship (Stephen Yuille), The Puritans on the Sinfulness of Sin and the Greatness of Grace (Mike Riccardi), The Father of Puritanism (Sinclair Ferguson), The Puritans on the Family (Jeremy Walker), The Puritans on Handling Depression (Geoff Thomas), and The Writings of the Puritans (me).

The fellowship with fellow speakers was sweet—both at mealtime (photo 3) and informally. I really enjoyed my time with Sinclair Ferguson—a close friend for over forty years (photo 4). The appreciation of the people was superlative, the conversations with them was of a warm and high quality, and the sale of Puritan books was phenomenal—beyond anything we have ever experienced before. I said to Mary that I think this was the best and most fruitful conference day that I have ever experienced in my life.Please pray that God will continue to bless this conference abundantly today and tomorrow. If you can’t join us in person, please join us online at this link. I trust that you will be richly fed.