King ‘s Chapel Burying Ground

On Tuesday afternoon, our PRTS tour group visited King ‘s Chapel Burying Ground, where the famous John Cotton was buried (see picture of me kneeling beside his memorial stone) as well John Winthrop and his family (second picture). I was privileged to give a short address on Cotton as we stood around his grave as well as make some remarks on Winthrop. Remarkably, these two Puritan stalwarts are buried only a few dozen feet from each other. For me, it was a moving experience to be there.

Founders’ Memorial at the Boston Common

Yesterday we flew to Boston to begin our annual PRTS tour with forty wonderful people, ”New England in the Fall: Visiting Reformed, Puritan & Pilgrim Sites.” Dr. Michael Haykin and I are both scheduled to give a dozen addresses over the 9-day tour. Our first stop was at great Founders’ Memorial at the Boston Common, where George Whitefield preached to thousands. I gave an opening address here on the amazing open-air preaching of Whitefield.

Visiting with the Duncan Family

This past weekend Mary and I also had several visits between addresses with folk in Greenville, South Carolina. One of our most memorable visits was with Shirley Duncan (first picture below), the 87-year-old matriarch of the well-known Duncan family. They have three gifted sons—Ligon, John, and Mel. Mel and Linda are a wonderful couple to visit with (second picture above). Mel serves as an administrator and assistant to Dr. Phillips at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville.  

Greenville Conference of Reformed Theology

Back safely today with Mary from speaking this past weekend at the Greenville Conference of Reformed Theology, sponsored by the Second Presbyterian Church—a congregation of 600 members pastored by Dr. Richard Phillips (center in picture), who is in his 13th year of ministry there. Dr. Phillips spoke on “The Sacrifice of the Cross” and Dr. Steve Pettit (right in picture), president of Bob Jones University, spoke on “The Suffering of the Cross” from Psalm 22. I gave four addresses related to Christ’s precious atonement. It was a blessed weekend.

Homeschool Family Relationships Online Summit

Have you signed up for the Homeschool Family Relationships Online Summit yet? The summit runs from October 14 to 19 next week and is completely free! It will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships. 25+ top authors & speakers have recorded sessions for this event. I have recorded a session on the subject of “God’s Recipe for a Happy Marriage.” For more information, and to sign up for free:

17,500 families are signed up so far.

The Glory of Christ’s Precious Blood

The Bible is a blood-soaked book. In this sermon I explain that that the culmination of the theme of blood in the Bible is the “precious blood of Christ” (1 Pet. 1:19) and the unique centrality, cost, and capability of Christ’s blood.

Right to Life Dinner

Last evening we attended the annual Right to Life Dinner with several members of our church. Former Congressman Trey Gowdy gave the most moving address that we have ever heard at one of these dinners, culminating in challenging us what we were going to do with the rest of our lives? Would we really live out our convictions? It was incredibly powerful. John James, who is running for the Senate in 2020 in Michigan, was the MC for the evening. As we left we had the opportunity to meet him (with Rev. Mark and Donna Kelderman, see picture), wish him God’s blessing, and assure him that we are praying for him. We were glad to hear him confess his need for prayer.

The Blessing of Genuine Christian Friendship

This weekend I did a conference on “Living Intentionally Holy Lives,” giving three addresses for the Trinity Baptist Church in Burlington, Ontario. Arsonists burned down their church building a few years ago, but God has wonderfully supplied the means for its restoration. They are very much looking forward to returning to their restored building in a few weeks. Carl and Heather Muller (on the right in the picture) were our very gracious hosts with whom we had precious spiritual fellowship. Mary and I feel like we have two new very good friends. What a blessing genuine Christian friendship is!

Writing My Next Book…

Precious grandchildren helping me write my next book today!

Responding to the Millennial Mindset

In this two-minute video from NCFIC, I explain that it is important for parents and church leaders to teach young adults that life ought to be taken seriously, and that we each must be intentional about living our life for Christ: