Archives for March 8, 2023

Mr. and Mrs Xue!

Last night Mary and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of a couple that we love very much in Christ: Daniel Xue (a DMin student at PRTS) and Olivia Yin (daughter of our Chinese pastor, Simon Yin)(photo 1). Pastor Yin preached from Hosea 6 and spoke some warm, personal words to the couple and to the parents on both sides (photo 2). It was an edifying ceremony and a Christ-centered reception. I had the privilege of closing the meal, and at the couple’s request, gave them ten succinct commandments for maintaining a Word-based, Christ-centered marriage to the glory of God. Please pray for Daniel and Olivia that God would continue to make their lives fruitful, and that Daniel’s future ministry work would be used for the salvation of many, the maturation of believers, and the glory of the triune God.