Archives for March 2, 2023

A Fascinating Meeting with Ukrainian Seminary Leaders

This morning I had a fascinating meeting with these two dear brothers from Ukraine, Pavel and Ihor, who serve as president and vice-president of a seminary in Ukraine that emphasizes Reformed and Puritan theology. Their seminary has 200 theological students and another 100 on-line students. If and when the war ends, I hope to speak at their annual conference for about 300-400 pastors. We are also exploring other ways to assist them. Pray for these brothers and this seminary, please, that God may continue to meet their every need.

Sweet Morning Meeting

I just had a sweet meeting with Daniel (on my right—a PRTS student who is marrying our Chinese pastor’s daughter next week), together with Daniel’s parents (on my left) who just arrived safely from China for the wedding. Pray for God’s blessing on this upcoming wedding and the special families involved. They are all very dear people.