The Labors of a Godly and Learned Divine, William Perkins: Including Previously Unpublished Sermons (Payne & Yuille)

After completing a 9-year project in 2020 of bringing the 17th-century edition of William Perkins’s “Works” into print in modern typeface in 10 volumes, we were amazed to discover that there were other writings of this “father of Puritanism”—including some of his sermons—that had never been printed before. I am excited to inform you that Reformation Heritage Books has just released another volume of Perkins’s writings today that includes all of these writings under the title, “The Labors of a Godly and Learned Divine William Perkins, Including Previously Unpublished Sermons”—thus, an “11th volume” if you will—in a beautifully written and edited tome compiled by Matthew Payne and Stephen Yuille. You will want to purchase this to “complete” your set or to use it as a stand-alone volume:

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