North Carolina Down. On to California!

Today I finished teaching the last four hours of my 30-hour course on Puritan Theology to 16 Doctor of Ministry students at RTS in Charlotte. It has been an intense but good week, though I missed my Queen big-time, as she is with our daughter in Alberta, assisting her with the care of their new baby, Ezra—our 9th grandchild.

This evening I had wonderful spiritual fellowship over dinner with a friend of many years, Pastor Leo Markwat, who served as pastor here for 14 years (photo 1). It was great to be with him again.

Tomorrow morning I am leaving the friendly Hampton Inn (photo 2), where I’ve been living since Monday, and flying to Los Angeles, where I hope to serve Dr. John MacArthur’s church and ministries for four days, preaching twice on Sunday morning (and also in the evening for Pastor Paul Twiss), and then speaking at chapels for MacArthur’s university on Monday and Wednesday and for his seminary on Tuesday. Your prayers are again coveted.

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