Archives for January 19, 2023

Founders Conference 2023 (Day 1)

The queen and I had a wonderful day at the Founders Ministries conference in Fort Myers, Florida. Paul Washer spoke powerfully this evening on mankind in sin (photo 1), followed by Voddie Baucham on the creation mandate.

The 2000 attendees are drinking in the conference (photo 2). Earlier in the day, Bradley Pierce spoke on humans being image bearers of God from conception. I spoke on mankind in the image of God from creation to glorification, while Tom Ascol, the organizer of the conference, spoke on what man is from Psalm 8 (photo 3 with Tom Ascol and a grandchild on the right, and Fred Malone on the left).

Book sales are unusually brisk. Please pray for the two remaining days of this conference. You can live stream it free at: