Time of Fellowship with Willie Mackenzie (Christian Focus)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Willie MacKenzie from Scotland, who has been working for Christian Focus Publications for 21 years. We had special fellowship sharing stories about our God-fearing fathers and the spiritual lessons they taught us. Willie’s father, Roderick MacKenzie, was a lay elder who often preached in conservative Presbyterian churches throughout Scotland. He was a brother to my good friend William MacKenzie, founder of Christian Focus, who still serves as its president today—and conveys the same spiritual depth that his brother Roderick had.

Since I also enjoy writing books for Christian Focus to publish from time to time, we talked about several potential future book projects and settled on two good possibilities—but I won’t tell you what they are until they are written, D.V.! Thank God for good spiritual fellowship (which I love!), and also for the fact that publishers who promote Reformed experiential literature throughout the world do not view each other as competitors in any way, but as friends who share the burden of wanting to bless the church of Christ with soul-enriching spiritual food. What a blessing this is in a world that is so angry, competitive, and out to destroy each other—even to the point of spreading gossip, hatred, and lies. I am just so very grateful for that good relationships that Reformation Heritage Books and I are graced to have with sound publishers in various countries. May God bless the edifying literature to millions!

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