Ordination Celebration for Darryl Dedert and John Byl

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening of 3.5 hours of good fellowship and singing as ministers and elders and our wives of the Heritage Reformed Church in Grand Rapids (26 of us in all; unfortunately several on the right front couldn’t fit on the picture), commemorating the happy occasion of receiving of two new full-time pastors—Darryl Dedert (with folded arms in back row, ordained on September 23) and John Byl (with horizontally striped shirt in right row, to be ordained on November 20)—both recent graduates of Puritan reformed Theological Seminary. Pray that God will bless these two brothers abundantly in their ministry, together with their wives, Kara and Jessica, and children, to the maturation of God’s people, the salvation of the lost, and the glory of the Triune God.

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