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Lord’s Day Evening Sermon Quote

Find last Lord’s Day’s evening sermon, titled, “Peter’s Heartfelt Confession of Faith in Christ” from Mark 8:27-30 and Matthew 16:15-16 here.

New William Perkins Book!

I am excited about Reformation Heritage Books release of “Faith Working Though Love: The Theology of William Perkins,” edited by Matthew Payne, Stephen Yuille, and me. Intended to be a companion volume to the recent RHB reprint of the 10 volumes of his magisterial “Works,” this volumes contains essays on Perkins’s views of the Triune God, the work of Christ, grace and free will, the order and the experience of salvation, eschatological glory, the nature of the church, the ministry and the means of grace, the ethics of Christian conduct, the nature of vocation, the one flesh principle, and Ramism. Written for both scholars and lay people by theologians who have studied Perkins carefully, I can vouch as an editor that many of the chapters in this book are worth the price on the book on their own. Get this book to whet your appetite for Perkins, and then read through, as enabled, the ten volumes of his writings! You won’t be disappointed by this so-called “father of Puritanism.”