Archives for September 17, 2022

Conclusion of 2022 Springfield, Illinois Bible Conference

This morning I gave two more addresses (“Ten Ways to Enrich Your Marriage” and “Leading Family Worship”) for the “2022 Springfield, Illinois Bible Conference” on the subject of “The Christian Family,” organized by the pastor of Faith Bible Church, Dr. Curt Daniel. In photo 1, I am with Curt (with whom I have a 30-year friendship) in his outstanding study, and in photo 2, with pastor Brandon Richie who wonderfully survived a stroke some months ago and is now nearly fully recuperated. In addition to shepherding his flock, he is taking some long-distance courses from Puritan Reformed Seminary. Mary and I enjoyed time with him and his wife Liz.

After a flurry of book-selling with Mary that followed my last address, we packed up the remaining books this afternoon, and made the 7 hour trek back to Grand Rapids, arriving home just a few minutes ago. On the way home, the Queen insisted that I take a picture of an old car that passed us which reminded her of the Volvo that she owned (and loved!) when we were newlyweds (photo 3).

Every blessing to you and yours for the Lord’s Day tomorrow.