Archives for September 9, 2022

Church History by Simonetta Carr

A few days ago Reformation Heritage Books released, in my opinion, our most beautifully laid out book we have ever done: Simonetta Carr’s new “Church History,” which is packed with photographs and illustrations together with well-written, succinct summaries of hundreds of events in church history covering the last two thousand years. Kudos are in order to Simonetta, our typesetting team, and the printer. I had the privilege of editing this volume and can affirm that it is a storehouse of valuable information that can be read by children and young people from ten years of age and up as well as by adults. If you ever wanted a gripping, easy-to-read, basic book on church history, this is exactly what you are looking for—both for the children you may be homeschooling and for yourself as an adult. Highly recommended on the back cover by Rosaria Butterfield as well as by able historians like Michael Haykin and Carl Trueman!

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