Archives for September 2, 2022

Kamp Family Get-together

My wife’s family (the Kamp family) had its first get-together in seven years (photo 1). It was great to see scores of relatives that we had not seen for a long time, ranging in age from two weeks to 97 years (photo 2)!

John Trapp’s Commentary on the Old and New Testaments

I am excited to announce that “A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments” by the Puritan John Trapp (Reformation Heritage Books, 5 volumes 3,620 pages) has arrived! This major, beautifully reprinted set (originally published in 10 volumes in the mid-seventeenth century) provides helpful exegesis and excels in using colorful paraphrases and captivating illustrations. Spurgeon said that preachers should use Trapp’s commentary for “spicing” sermons. Nearly all of Trapp’s other writings are also included in this edition of his valuable commentaries, so there is lots of edifying reading here as well. Highly recommended!

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