Puritan Reformed Conference Day 2

Yesterday was a long and good day for the 300 attendees at our Puritan Reformed conference, concluding with a stimulating QA session with all the speakers, chaired by Dr. Jerry Bilkes (photo 1). Seven topics on the grace of salvation, including the grace of Christ, regeneration, faith, justification, adoption, sanctification, etc., we’re expounded and applied by Drs. Jonathan Gibson, Adriaan Neele (photo 2), David McWilliams, Daniel Timmer, and Hensworth Jonas. Mary and I also enjoyed hosting several attendees in our home for dinner (photo 3). Book sales and fellowship were both robust.

This morning the Puritan Reformed Conference concludes with Hensworth Jones speaking on the grace of perseverance at 9:00 a.m.and Jerry Bilkes speaking on everlasting grace at 10:45a.m. Join us in person at Heritage Reformed Congregation, 540 Crescent NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan if you can, or by live-streaming here.

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