The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics

I had the privilege of dedicating the first volume of my co-authored “Reformed Systematic Theology” to R. C. Sproul with these words: “In memory of R. C. Sproul (1939-2017), friend and mentor, dedicated worker and prolific author for God’s kingdom, gifted teacher and theologian: he, like Abel, being dead, yet speaks (Heb. 11:4).” Because he was such a very clear biblical and theological thinker whose addresses and writings have brought tens of thousands into a Reformed understanding of biblical truth, I am thrilled that Ligonier Ministries has just brought eleven of Dr. Sproul’s best known works into print in a beautiful 6-volume set titled, “The R. C. Sproul Signature Classics.” Even if you already have some of these titles, you will want to own your own set of this very beautiful, highly readable, well laid out set of classic books by this master theologian and lucid thinker. You can buy them now at a very special price from Reformation Heritage Books.

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