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Theology for Ministry

P&R has released one of the greatest festschrifts (a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar) I’ve ever read. Fittingly it is in honor of Sinclair Ferguson. Edited by William Edwards, John Ferguson, and Chad VanDixhoorn, Theology for Ministry: How Doctrine Affects Pastoral Life and Practice, has 26 contributors such as Bob Letham, Doug Kelly, Ian Hamilton, David McWilliams, Phil Ryken, Ligon Duncan, Cornel Venema, David Strain, Bob Godfrey, Chad VanDixhoorn, Michael Horton, etc. I was privileged to write chapter 17: “Assurance of Faith: Pastoral Wisdom for Struggling Christians.” I pay my tribute to Sinclair in my first footnote as follows:

“I am honored to write in this volume for Sinclair Ferguson, who has been one of my best friends and mentors for the last four decades. From the days I sat under his superlative teaching and moving prayers as a PhD student at Westminster Seminary, to the numerous talks we’ve had in sharing each other’s conversion and spiritual experiences as well as on a variety of theological subjects, to the many favors he has done for me until today in writing sterling forewords and endorsements for my books, I owe him an incalculable debt. Sinclair, thanks so much for your multifaceted friendship: it is one of my most treasured gifts on earth, and I pray that it will be an eternal friendship around the Lamb’s throne!”

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