Archives for July 25, 2022

Byang Kato by Simonetta Carr

Simonetta Carr has done it again. Reformation Heritage Books is grateful to release her 20th title in her “Christian Biographies for Young Readers” (ages 7-12), this one being on Byang Kato, who was born and converted in Nigeria, and later became the father of the evangelical movement in Africa through his preaching, teaching, and writing.

This is a great evangelism/missions title, showing how God can use one individual in a mighty way to move thousands in a right and balanced direction despite encountering heavy criticism and intense pressure. Simonetta deftly shows how Rev. Kato avoided both identifying Western culture with Christianity and mixing the gospel with African traditional religions. This book is beautifully illustrated for children, but can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults as well.

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The Beauty and Glory of Christ

“O the deep, deep love of Jesus! Vast, unmeasured, boundless free: Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me. Underneath me, all around me, is the current of Thy love; Leading onward, leading homeward, to Thy glorious rest above!”

“O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” by Samuel Trevor Francis

Though we do not see Jesus in the flesh today, we can, by faith, rejoice in Him and His compassionate heart.

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