Archives for July 20, 2022

New Book from RHB–Arminius and the Reformed Tradition

I am excited to announce that Reformation Heritage Books has just released the 17th title in The Reformed Historical-Theological Studies series that Jay Collier and I are privileged to edit: “Arminius and the Reformed Tradition: Grace and the Doctrine of Salvation,” by our friend, J. V. Fesko. As Dr. Herman Selderhuis writes, “Dr. Fesko paints a clear and honest picture of the theology of Arminius,” showing how he differed from the mainstream Reformed view on issues of grace and salvation. Insightful and eminently readable for both the scholar and laypeople. Highly recommended!

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Henry and Hendrick

My father-in-law (who hopes to turn 90 in several weeks) and his name’s sake (our grandchild, who is 1) quietly enjoying each other! God’s covenant mercies are great, so full of promise: “Thou shalt see thy children’s children, and peace upon Israel” (Ps. 128:6) in Christ Jesus.