Archives for July 18, 2022

Author Night with Mary Beeke

On Thursday, July 21, at 7:30 pm join Reformation Heritage Books in welcoming Mary Beeke, author of Teach Them to Work. There will be a presentation on the book, Q & A period, coffee fellowship, and book signing.

Learn more here.

Conclusion of Our Trip to Brazil

Yesterday was the capstone of our 3-week trip to Brazil. I preached my two final messages in Franca for Pastor Paulo Junior to a congregation of about 900 on the theme of growing in experiential spiritual intimacy with God (photo 1). We may believe that God was in the midst of us, and are also grateful that tens of thousands of people either listened on line or will do so in the coming weeks.

Paulo Junior normally receives about 150,000 listeners to his sermons within the first few months after he preaches them. Please continue to pray for God’s rich blessing on his preaching and on this congregation. His right-hand assistant, Danilo Santa Terra, and his family, hope to join us in Grand Rapids for a few years in December as he will be undertaking a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree at Puritan Reformed in order to help the ministry in Franca grow the more, also in the potential training of future theological students in Franca. Please pray for God’s blessing on these endeavors.

Today we are driving to Sao Paulo (4.5 hours), and then flying from there to Chicago overnight this evening, and arriving in Grand Rapids by noon tomorrow, D.V. Five conferences are behind us in Brazil (6 addresses by Mary, 25 sermons or lectures by me), together with lots of spiritual fellowship and hundreds of books signed and photographs taken (photos 2 and 3 with children, and photo 4 with the Franca church’s consistory and their wives and their children). The last three weeks have been packed full to overflowing, but we have fond memories of it all—especially the scores of people who have come up to us express from the bottom of their hearts how much our addresses and books have meant and do mean to them. This is so very humbling—what a privilege it is to serve the Lord!

God has been very gracious to us throughout this marathon, providing us divine assistance in speaking, together with very able translators and good health throughout as well as many of you serving as a praying army back home—and some sweet moments together alone as well (photo 5). We truly treasure those prayers. Thank you so much. Soli Deo gloria!