Archives for July 13, 2022

Final Conference in Governador Valadares

On Tuesday, we had another work-catch-up day here in Governador Valadares, Brazil. Late afternoon, Mary spoke to a group of women on “Humility: Our Duty and its Beauty.” Then ministers, elders, and members of local Presbyterian churches gathered for a second evening commemorating the 59th anniversary of the regional Presbyterian Synod at which I preached on “How to Promote Holiness in the Family through Family Worship.” Next to preaching itself, family worship is the most powerful practice that will enrich a church, all with the Holy Spirit’s blessing.

The conferences in this locality are over, and we had a little time to relax. I shot hoops for a few minutes with Abraham, Tiago, Mary, and Ana Julia (photo 1)–and I didn’t miss any of them! It’s a consolation that at 69 years, I haven’t totally lost my touch! I also tried out a homemade go-cart at the Eler home, made by Leo, the father who is a school supervisor, for him and his daughters to go flying down mountain roads on (photo 2).

Brazilians are experts at fellowship and food. Tonight was no different. Laurime Eler is a biology teacher and a baker, and we enjoyed an excellent meal (photo 3). We were joined by the parents of PRTS grad Felipe Boechat.

A sweet and cute little elderly lady gifted Mary with a bag of cookies (photo 4). A restored vintage VW van caught Mary’s eye, so she jumped in with a bunch of children (photos 5 and 6).