Two 1-Minute Stories for Children

There was a godly 19th century minister named Robert Murray M’Cheyne who said that when you go to pray, you should always pray as if Jesus was standing right next to you. Because He is. He is always right there.

There was once a dying man who was an atheist and his little grandchild came to visit him. This little girl, who could barely read, loved the Lord and feared God. The grandfather had a sign above His bed that said “God is Nowhere” and he wanted to convince the little girl that there was no God. He pointed to the sign and said, “Can you read that sign above my head?” The little girl looked up and slowly read aloud, “God is now here.” When the man heard that, the Holy Spirit used it to convert him in that moment.

If you really understood that God is now here, your whole life would change. Once you realize that God is everywhere and your life changes, God’s omnipresence becomes very precious to you because you never have to go anywhere alone.

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