Our Very First Grandparents’ Day Program

Yesterday my Queen and I thoroughly enjoyed our very first Grandparents’ Day program as our two oldest of seven grandchildren (plus one more coming soon, D.V.) are now old enough to be students in our Christian school. The entire 2-hour program was outstanding and absolutely precious as grandchildren ministered by way of song, Scripture memorization, and musical instruments to their grandparents.

It makes a grandparent overflow with love for God’s covenant mercies, love for the grandchildren and their parents, and love for Christian education and the teachers. And it also makes a grandparent pray earnestly for the genuine conversion of every grandchild, pleading for the spiritual legacy and promise of Psalm 128:6: “Yes, thou shalt see thy children’s children, and peace [that is, true spiritual peace in Christ most of all!] upon Israel.” Will you bow your head right now and plead for this spiritual legacy and this promise in prayer with me also for your grandchildren?

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