Lord’s Day in Ontario

On the Lord’s Day, I had the privilege of preaching for three of our Heritage Reformed Congregations in Ontario with each service having between 200 and 300 attendees. I preached first on Christ as our office-bearer (Luke 22:31-32) in Jordan, Ontario in the morning. After church, I had the privilege of meeting a Spanish brother (photo 1, second from left; my brother John is to the right of him) who wanted me to sign four volumes of my Reformed Systematic Theology in Spanish (I had never seen the last two volumes yet, so that was a pleasant surprise) and a young man named Trevon (photo 1, furthest on right)—a very able basketball player who had a seemingly “bright future” but was suddenly converted by God, gave up his basketball, and is now deep into the Scriptures and the Puritans. Second, I preached on Paul’s identity in the resurrected Christ (1 Cor. 15:10a) in the afternoon in Tillsonburg, Ontario. There I met a friend who told me that he wanted to share with me that back in 1994 a sermon that I preached on John 9:25 (“One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see”) was used for his conversion. How humbling his testimony was—God is so good! There too I was encouraged to meet a very young reader of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth—our denominational periodical that I have had the privilege of editing for decades (photo 2)! Finally, I preached in the evening on Christ coming again to take His people home (John 14:2-3) in Burgessville, Ontario.

Afterward the Queen and I enjoyed visiting for a few hours with Rev. Ian Macleod, pastor of our Tillsonburg, Ontario flock, on his 40th birthday, at the home my nephew, Jason Beeke, and his dear wife Heather, where we stayed overnight (photo 3: a selfie with Jason and Heather).

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