Archives for May 18, 2022

Busy Day In Budapest

Today was packed: I preached four more times on the subject of Spiritual Growth to the Reformed Presbyterian Conference in Budapest, Hungary to about 100 people (mostly Hungarian ministers, but also some Romanians, and a few people from Moldova and Malaysia; photo 1). My subjects were Growing in Prayer, Growing in Knowing and Profiting from the Puritans, Growing in Reformed Experiential Preaching, and Growing in Coping with Criticism Profitably. I also did a QA session–the questions were excellent. My three translators were all very good.

I also spent some time signing my two new books in Hungarian–one on prayer (coauthored with my brother Jim) and one on marriage (coauthored with Mary). In photo 2, you can a minister buying a dozen copies for all the members of his session, wanting each one signed.

After the conference concluded for the day, the organizing ministers took us out for an evening meal and fellowship (photo 3) that afforded us an excellent view overlooking Budapest (photo 4).

Finally, I also squeezed in a helpful 45-minute with 6 ministers from the Bible Bond (photo 5). They represent a group of about 40 conservative Reformed ministers of the 1900 ministers in the Hungarian Reformed Church, most of whom have become liberal.