Archives for May 14, 2022

The 31st Scottish Reformed Annual Conference

The Queen and I were privileged to attend the 31st Scottish Reformed Annual Conference (the first post-Covid one!) in Hamilton, Scotland. The SRC Committee was very grateful for the 300+ attendees (photo 1) and the fellowship throughout the day was robust. Rev. Rupert Bentley-Taylor spoke on “The Truth and the Lies” (Jer. 27-28–photo 2) and I gave the other two addresses on “Christ Forsaken!” (Matt. 27:46) and ten ways to “Consider Christ When We Feel Forsaken” (Heb. 12:3). This is the third time I have been privileged to speak for this very helpful conference (the other two were in 2008 and 2011), which is one of the largest Reformed conferences in Scotland where the number of Reformed people has been decreasing substantially in recent decades. We are grateful that we may believe the Lord was in our midst today. Please pray that God will follow this conference with His continued blessing and revive needy Scotland by granting repentance, reformation, and revival.           

After returning to the David and Fiona Carmichael home by 5:30 p.m., Rev. David Carmichael (MC for the Conference and Chairman of the Conference Committee) challenged me to a little 15-minute putting competition in his front hallway–which I think I won (photo 3)! Afterward we enjoyed a 5-star dinner and excellent time of fellowship with the SRC Committee and their wives at the home of Dr. Richard and Gail Buckley (photo 4).