Three Facets of God’s Holiness

His Separateness

He is completely separated from all creation. He is in a category all by Himself. There are no other gods. There is nothing else worthy of worship. God is supremely holy. We are image bearers of God, but it is faint shadow.

He Is Utterly Sin-Free

God cannot be the author of any sin. God and sin are totally antithetical. In the holiness of God, you have absolute purity and that means that God can only allow us into fellowship with Him if someone could satisfy God’s holy justice on our behalf. That someone would have to be as perfect as God, have obeyed the law perfectly, and pay for my sins with His own death. That someone can only be Jesus Christ. If man is ever to be saved, God’s holiness requires a total substitute.

The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit

In His Holy Spirit entering into us, we are made holy even as He is holy. It is partial in this life, but perfect in the next.

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