Consultation Meeting with Professors from Eight Seminaries

We are humbled and excited to be hosting a consultation meeting with professors from eight seminaries for the next three days. I just had the privilege of opening these days of meetings with a meditation on Paul’s apostolic model for Christian ministry in 1 Corinthians 2:1-5, which is focused on preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The focus of the consultation and collaboration during these days is on the establishing of an embedded MDiv program, so that seminary students receive not only a full academic program that focuses on godly piety in preparation for the ministry, but also have their studies embedded in hands-on work in the churches. Representatives from various Reformed seminaries are present with us from Germany, Serbia, Columbia, Brazil, Portugal, Hungary, Honduras, and Chile.

Pray that these meetings may be fruitful and that collaboration efforts in seminary training may be enhanced around the globe as a result. The whole Christian world urgently needs sound, biblical, Reformed, confessional, experiential, and practical seminaries to co-labor for the advance of Christ’s cause around the world by training men for pulpit and pastoral ministry to the glory of God. Please pray for us in these days.

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