Archives for April 9, 2022

Spring Break

This week was PRTS’s seminary break, so I had no teaching obligations. After spending several wonderful days with children and grandchildren in western Florida (photo #1: grandchildren rolling around in the sand), enjoying bird life on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico (photo #2: White Ibis), as well as enjoying biking dozens of miles with the Queen (photo #3) and going out to eat with her (photo #4: having prawns and grouper), we are now heading for Stuart, Florida, where I hope to preach twice tomorrow for our good friend, Rev. Bernie VanEyk at Grace Presbyterian Church. We are really looking forward to worshiping tomorrow before flying back home on Monday, D.V. Lord’s Day blessings to you all!

Caleb––A Man Whose Life Was Impacted by the Knowledge of God

What is an example of someone in the Bible whose life was impacted by the knowledge of God?

Caleb followed the Lord fully his whole life because God put “a different spirit in him” (Numbers 14:24). He feared God with a child-like fear. He loved the Lord and hated sin. You read that the knowledge of God was so strong in Caleb’s heart that, even when Israel became angry with him about entering the promised land, he would not back down. He had knowledge of God and His will and wanted to do it.

The fruit of knowing God savingly is that you want to do His will. Caleb was willing to die because He knew God.