Archives for March 17, 2022

Rev. Conrad Mbewe

Yesterday, my good friend Rev. Conrad Mbewe from Zambia, Africa did our PRTS chapel as part of a conference he has been doing for some Reformed Baptist brethren. He spoke movingly on how pride destroys relationships and eventually the minister and ministry itself, and on the importance of the contrary grace of humility. By God’s grace, Conrad himself is a model of humility despite his international ministry and extraordinary speaking gifts. On the photo below, Conrad is the second from the right, and we are with David Chanski (on my left) and his brother Mark Chanski (far right).

Pray that God will bless it to every minister and theological student who hears it.

God’s Sparing Mercy

God is gracious in His sparing mercy! As Mary and I returned home from preaching in Kalamazoo, Michigan this week, traveling north on 131, a car suddenly came speeding down an exit ramp the wrong way and entered the highway at full speed! Mary was driving. She laid on the horn and swerved over into the other lane in a fraction of a second, and the car flew by on our right. If we had been a second or two later we would have encountered him head-on. We called 911 immediately, and a moment later a police car with his siren on and lights blazing came racing down the highway on the other side. We never saw anything in the news, so we pray that the driver, who we think must have been drunk, managed to realize it, pulled over, and turned around. Our lives are fragile but thank God that our times are in Him hands (Ps. 31:15).