Archives for March 14, 2022

Preaching in Kalamazoo

Last evening I had the privilege of preaching in Kalamazoo, Michigan on the tears of Jesus (1) at Bethany, (2) over Jerusalem, and (3) in Gethsemane. A preacher can only scratch the surface about the depth of Jesus’s amazing sufferings on behalf of hell-worthy sinners like us.

Afterward, Mary and I spent some time having a good visit with some of my relatives and then visited at length with my oldest sister, Jackie, and her husband Dave (photo). My sister, who is ten years older than me, served as a kind of “second mother” to me when I was young, so I owe her a lot! We arrived home by midnight. It was a blessed evening!

Reformed Systematic Theology Study Group

I was encouraged last Friday at MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference to meet a pastor from Santa Barbara, California who told me that a group of 30 men in his church is gathering on Tuesday evenings under his leadership to study “Reformed Systematic Theology, Volume 1” (by Paul Smalley and me), and then added: “They are growing leaps and bounds from this study in the knowledge and love of their Savior Jesus Christ.” Please pray that God will bless this group and multiply the number of such groups that want to drink in biblical, Reformed, confessional, experiential, practical truth that impacts the head, heart, and hands for good by the gracious blessing of the Holy Spirit.