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Weekly Sermon Quote – March 6, 2022

My Able Assistant at Shepherds Conference

Jhonathon Leon (a last year student at Masters Seminary) was my able assistant at MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference. He couldn’t have been kinder. His wife Andrea told me a moving story of how God used a sermon I preached several years ago on “For me to live is Christ” to transform her life. What a humbling experience it is to be used of God in the lives of people you have never met before! SDG! Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

Final Day at Shepherds Conference

On the way home now from MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles. Here is John MacArthur delivering the closing address of the conference (photo 1) on the need for the new birth that truly transforms its recipients to a full church (photo 2; 4,200 people attended the conference in all). The singing of “Holy, Holy, Holy” by thousands of men was truly amazing. I also thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Reformation Heritage Books table selling Reformed Systematic Theology (photo 3) and other books to the hungry pastors, many of whom were in their 20s or early 30s. With the help of David Woollin and Ian Thompson, close to 90% of the 1.5 crates of RHB books sent out were sold! Pray for God’s blessing on this conference and on all the books that will be read.