Archives for March 11, 2022

Visit With Paul Washer

I had a good visit this afternoon with my good friend, Paul Washer, at Shepherds Conference at John MacArthur’s church in Los Angeles.

Shepherds Conference

This morning I spoke at John MacArthur’s Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles on “The Puritans: Who They Are and Why They Matter” and then did an interview on “Puritan Preaching.” Pray for God’s continued blessing on this wonderful conference of 4,000 ministers from dozens of countries.

Vos’s Natural Theology

We are honored at Reformation Heritage Books, working in conjunction with the Dutch Reformed Translation Society, to bring into print Gerhardus Vos’s “Natural Theology,” which includes an excellent 54-page introduction by J. V. Fesko and a helpful foreword by Richard Muller. Albert Gootjes translated it well from the Dutch language. This book is the fruit of the recent discovery of Vos’s lectures on natural theology in the Heritage Hall archives at Calvin Seminary. This book serves well as a partial introduction to the author’s recently published Reformed systematic theology—and is a must read for those interested in reading Vos on religion and proofs for the existence of God.