“Theoretical-Practical Theology: The Works of God and the Fall of Man” by Petrus van Mastricht

The third of seven volumes of Petrus van Mastricht’s “Theoretical-Practical Theology: The Works of God and the Fall of Man” (Reformation Heritage Books, 680 pages), translated from Todd Rester and edited by me, has finally arrived today! The first two-thirds of the volume deals with the works of God, including His actions, decrees, predestination, election, reprobation, creation, the image of God, and providence. The last third considers man’s apostasy from God in the fall, original sin, actual sin, and the penalty and state of sin. The material is a theological feast: scripturally rich, experientially powerful, and practically wise. Jonathan Edwards claimed in his day that this was the best set of books ever written, with the exception of the Bible!


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