Mt. Zion Baptist Church

We had a blessed Saturday and Lord’s Day at the conference for Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. Our friend from Antigua, Dr. Henworth Jonas, delivered three beautiful messages: one on Christ’s sufficiency, the second on Christ as the perfect representative, and the third on Christ and the Holy Spirit working together as a partnership in saving sinners. The second sermon was the richest message I’ve ever heard preached on Christ’s intercessory work. I gave two messages on Christ from Hebrews 12:1-3, dealing with how to endure and how to handle affliction in the Christian life, and a concluding message on Christ as King and Lamb in Gethsemane.

Conference attendees were very responsive throughout both days. I enjoyed speaking with one of the most responsive listeners who was wonderfully converted in prison from a troubled past and now is absolutely convinced that “Christ” is the only way to live (photo 1). We sold all the books that RHB sent down for the conference by Saturday evening.

After the sessions were completed on Saturday, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and good fellowship at the home of Pastor Jeff and Myra Pollard (photo 2 on the right) together with the Jonas’s (photo 2 in the middle). On the Lord’s Day, we enjoyed a noon meal with the entire conference at the church, and in the evening we enjoyed a meal with a few dozen people from the flock at the home of one of the families that has ten children (photo 3). We had great fellowship there. I also had a great talk with a brother, Taman, who is studying for a New Testament PhD at Oxford (photo 4)

Today we are flying home. Your prayers for divine benediction are coveted.

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