Columbus, Ohio

Today we attended the funeral of Pastor Don VanderKlok in Byron Center, a friend of many years, an alumnus of PRTS, and a faithful pastor who most recently served a group in Dorr, Michigan. Please pray for his wife Jan and his children as he died rather suddenly from Covid at the age of 79. The funeral message was on the beautiful text of John 17:24

From the funeral we went to visit my oldest sister Jackie in Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as she is suffering from blood clots in one lung and pneumonia. Prayers are coveted for her complete recovery soon. I had a wonderful talk with her about heaven and being with Christ forever, together with her caring husband Dave.

From there we drove to Columbus, Ohio, stopping for a quick pizza meal along the way. I hope to preach here tomorrow three times for one of our PRTS alumni, David Sexton.

Once again, your prayers for divine benediction are treasured. Every blessing to you on the Lord’s Day tomorrow.

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