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Reformed Systematic Theology, Volume 3: The Holy Spirit and Salvation

On the way home from preaching in Kansas City yesterday, David Woollin asked me to stop at our new RHB store, where I was happily surprised to see that our 5,000 ordered copies of “Reformed Systematic Theology, Volume 3: The Holy Spirit and Salvation” (1,170 pages), coauthored by Paul Smalley and me, had arrived from the publisher (Crossway) (photo 1 with David Woollin and Steve Renkema and half of the shipment on pallets on our left). RHB then asked me to do a short video on the new title (see below), and then I immediately took two copies to my faithful co-author to share the joy and our gratitude to God for His grace in completing this volume (photo 2).

Volume 3 not only offers the traditional order of salvation that the Holy Spirit works in the souls of God’s people from effectual calling through perseverance in several hundred pages, but it also considers the Spirit’s work in a variety of ways (such as in creation, in common grace, in old covenant Israel, in the incarnate Son, as well as baptism with the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the signs and wonders of the Spirit, and the Spirit in relation to the new creation), in a few hundred pages, and then deals with a number of experiential aspects of the Spirit’s work that is often not included in systematic theologies, such as the Spirit’s indwelling, leading, and filling; assurance of faith; and the marks of grace spelled out in the Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. The volume concludes with a few hundred pages of spiritual and practical ethics that flow out of the doctrine of salvation, including four chapters on how the Christian lives out of the Ten Commandments as a rule of life and various additional themes such as the fear of God, self-denial, sober watchfulness, and recovery from backsliding. In some ways, I feel like this is the most important volume we have written, due to its experiential emphasis on the saving work of the Holy Spirit and its focus on living the Christian life so as to grow in holiness.

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