Milan, Italy

Last Saturday, Mary and I flew from Athens, Greece to Milan, Italy in the morning. At the airport, we discovered that we had failed to fill out one of the forms that was needed for my entrance into Italy, but by God’s grace we managed—not without stress—to complete the job in order to board the plane on time.

We were warmly greeted at the airport in Milan by Keith Jones, pastor of the Veritas International Church of Milan, and a young pastor named Marco who was wonderfully converted about half a dozen years ago. Pastor Jones served as the organizer of my itinerary, which included speaking ten times in three days. First up was a conference of five messages for about 150 attendees (photo #1; which is not a small conference for Italy!)—three addresses on Saturday and two sermons on the Lord’s Day—that revolved around the theme of how to live for God’s glory, particularly as exemplified by the Puritans. On Saturday, I spoke on vital Christianity for God’s glory, marriage and children-rearing for God’s glory, and embracing a Trinitarian view of God for God’s glory. On the Lord’s Day, I preached on worshiping God for His glory and on being united in utopian marriage with Christ for His glory. After the service on Lord’s day evening, I gave an address to a few dozen ministers and elders on the need for and challenges of holiness in the ministry (photo #2).

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