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Weekly Sermon Quote – October 24, 2021

Three Reformation Chapels

This morning I had the privilege of speaking three Reformation chapels in a row: first, for high-schoolers; second, for elementary students (photo #1 for half of the students present); third, for the Expositors Seminary (photo #2–some of the students in the Comstock Park, Michigan campus), which has eleven campuses (photo #3 for the other 10 campuses coming in on Zoom).

For the first two chapels, I provided 12 practical lessons for life from the life of John Calvin, and for the last chapel (to seminary students) I spoke on “sola Scriptura” and its intimate connection with the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture. (Speaking at chapels is one of my favorite things to do!)

Pray that God would make young children, teenagers, and seminary students all over this nation—and the world—to become genuine sons and daughters of the Reformation!