Archives for October 15, 2021

Greece & Turkey Update

My apologies for not posting updates for the last week. Leading the PRTS tour in Greece and Turkey trip has kept us very busy.Last Friday, October 8, we viewed the Panathenaic Stadium, built in 1896 entirely of marble, in Athens, Greece. It was the site of the first Olympic Games of the modern era. Here we took our first group picture (#1 above).

Next we headed to the nearby port city of Piraeus, where Paul landed when he came to Athens on his second missionary journey. We boarded the beautiful sailing yacht, the MS Panorama, our home for the next week (picture #2 above). We were introduced to the captain and the crew and given safety instructions, including how to properly wear the life jackets (David Woollin snuck a quick picture of us, #3 below).

Seas were calm as we headed out to the Aegean Sea, but by dinner time, the waves were quite tumultuous. We had to grab the railings wherever we walked, and our plates and cups slid on our tables. Then our stomachs started to roll with the waves. One by one, people left the dining room to lie down in their rooms. We were reaching for our Dramamine. More than half the people felt sick or were sick; even some of the crew were affected. A number of us thought, “What did I get myself into? A week of this will be unbearable!” Thankfully, it calmed down a bit around midnight. Most of us slept well. Devotions in the morning included Psalm 30:5, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

Happily, this was our only time of encountering rough sea water on the trip—the rest of the trip was absolutely wonderful!