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G3 Conference – Day 3

Yesterday and this morning there was an ongoing feast of messages about the person and work of Jesus Christ at the G3 Conference in Atlanta delivered to a crowd of several thousand responsive worshipers. Yesterday’s speakers were David Miller, Phil Johnson, and James White during the day; and Voddie Baucham (photo #1 above) and Paul Washer in the evening. This morning the conference concluded with sermons by Mike Riccardi, Hensworth Jonas, and Steve Lawson. So, in all there were 13 sermons that focused on and exalted our Immanuel.

Book-buying continued to be brisk. Until the end of the conference, thousands of the attendees filled the large book vendor hall that hosted scores of book publishers. Several titles that we brought hundreds of copies of, sold out in the first half of the conference, so we took hundreds of back orders. I spent as many hours as I could at the book table when there were no preaching sessions, speaking to several hundred people throughout these days and selling books, as did David Woollin, Ian Thompson, and a new employee for RHB, John St. Martin. Our table was a beehive of activity from the beginning to the end of the conference. What an opportunity to minister these three days were! SDG!

In the midst of the busyness of these days, we managed to find time to spend with some friends. Late last night we had a delightful outdoor dinner with Dr. Marty and Roelie Faasse, members of our church and longtime friends, at a French restaurant. (We didn’t even know they were at the conference until they texted us!) We also spent some time talking with several brothers in the second photo below (from left to right): Pastor James Coates (who recently spent 35 days in jail in Alberta for holding worship services—what a story that was/is), our good friend Paul Washer whose stories of his work were as moving as ever, and then on my right, another good friend Pastor Mike Riccardi and his assistant, Pastor Sheldon Ko—both of whom are on Dr. John MacArthur’s ministerial team.

Now we have arrived safely back in Michigan, and I am looking forward to preaching tomorrow for our beloved flock in Grand Rapids on the Holy Spirit and His saving work. Then, early on Monday morning, Mary and I look forward to begin leading a tour group of 40 friends, together with David Woollin, to Greece and Turkey for twelve days to follow in the footsteps of the apostles Paul and John. At the end of this tour, the Lord willing, Mary and I will fly on to Italy by ourselves for five days to speak at a conference there on how the Puritans lived to the glory of God.

Will you be so kind as to pray for us for the outpouring of God’s Spirit for the dozens of occasions to speak in the next few weeks, as well as for our health and strength and safety? We truly covet your prayers.