60 Years of Puritan Paperbacks

The Puritan paperback series published by Banner of Truth Trust over the last 60+ years have had a huge impact in my life, leading me to liberty in Christ as a teenager. At a recent conference, Pat Daly, who is in charge of Banner of Truth in North America, spontaneously asked me to recommend one of these titles and to comment on their influence in my life, and then encouraged me to post the video he made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqDK3pFce-U&list=PLUNl3x537t5IclSh-gEp4fTnNPo855C43&index=29

Excuse the conference noise in the background please. All of the Banner titles you can order at steeply discounted prices from www.heritagebooks.org.

If God will be pleased to bless these books to your soul as he did to mine, you will be greatly blessed.

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