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Weekly Sermon Quote – September 12, 2021

Please Pray for Joyce Griffiths

Though still quite weak, our friend, Joyce Griffiths, is feeling a bit better and is on her way to the airport right now in Mexico City, accompanied by another friend, Gloria. Please pray earnestly that in the next 13 hours they will travel safely to Grand Rapids, that the transfer in Atlanta will go smoothly, and that Joyce will have a peaceful heart, trusting in God and in friends who care for her (Is. 26:3).

Nashville Conference

Yesterday, we had delightful meetings in God’s kind providence with several new friends at our RHB book table in Nashville. One of those meetings was with Dr. and Mrs. Rafael Manguel pictured below. Dr. Manguel has been a well-respected medical doctor for decades and he and his wife have been very involved in a charismatic church for many years until recently when their eyes were opened to a biblical, Reformed view of understanding the Scriptures. They are now attending a Spanish-speaking church in Texas being pastored by one of our recent PRTS graduates, Pastor Eduarto Martorano, and are growing in the faith by leaps and bounds under this young man’s ministry. Their excitement and joy to find spiritual liberty in Christ Jesus through Reformed truth was tangible and filled us with excitement and joy as well. It was a joy too to see them walk away with solid Puritan books as well as our Puritan Documentary that will certainly grow them the more. Isn’t God and His grace so amazing as He transforms lives by His Word, His Son, His Spirit, and His truth?

This afternoon, Mary and I will be flying from Nashville to Burbank, California where I hope to speak tomorrow at John MacArthur’s Spanish conference on “The Puritans on Christ’s Beautiful Heart and Intercession in Heaven.” Your prayers are treasured as usual.

We also spent some time with Daniel Henderson who runs a French publishing ministry called Publications Chrétiennes based in Trois-Rivières, Québec. He is working on publishing many confessional Reformed books, especially Puritan titles. The work is slow as the demand is small. But he is working hard to create the demand. Please pray for this brother and his worthy work. A few weeks ago, he just released in French one of my good friend Dr. Michael Barrett’s excellent titles: