Celebrating Our 32nd Anniversary

Over the weekend, my special Mary and I commemorated our 32nd anniversary. She told me if I posted something, that I should tone it down. So, what shall I say? I’ll honor her request and keep it succinct: I love my Queen with all my heart and—with the exception of spiritual life in the Triune God—she is the greatest and most beautiful gift God has ever given me. I am truly unworthy of her but my heart swells with gratitude for her, and I do hope and pray that we may share together many more fruitful Christ-centered years—and then eternity—yes, eternity praising Christ together for who He is and for His amazing grace!

P.S. Thanks so much, Mary, for who you are in Christ, by God’s grace—for packing our weeks, months, years, and decades with love, kindness, understanding, and joy. Thanks for your prayers and care, for your unflagging support and undying loyalty. Thanks for catching my vision and passion for local and worldwide ministry for the promotion of biblical, Reformed, Puritan, experiential Christianity. Thanks for putting up with my busyness and idiosyncrasies, without ever showing me anything but the deepest love. Thanks for supporting me through thick and thin, for being my sunshine in winter’s cold blasts, and for still wanting to hear me preach after 32 years. Thanks for supporting me in family worship, and for being a wonderful mother and grandmother. Thanks for talking, walking, and biking, and for being my best friend. (I’m sorry that I’ve kept this so short, but you told me to tone it down.)

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