Archives for August 26, 2021

2021 Annual Puritan Reformed Conference

I’m excited to announce that we’re only a few hours away now from the beginning of the 2021 Annual Puritan Reformed Conference—this one on the great and moving theme, “The Grace of the Gospel”!

Tonight, Dr. Stephen Myers, PhD professor at PRTS, will be our first speaker at 7:00 p.m. on “The Gospel Need,” followed by Dr. Jon Payne, pastor of Christ Church Presbyterian in Charleston SC, on, “The Gospel Planned.”

If you are able, please join us at the conference (Heritage Reformed Congregation, 540 Crescent NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan) or by livestreaming the event at our church’s website or Facebook page:

The conference will continue all day and evening on Friday, and will conclude by noon on Saturday. Rend the heavens, Lord, and come down (cf. Is. 64)!

Confession of Faith Class

Of the several hundred church, seminary, and committee meetings I am called upon to chair or attend in a given year, by far my favorite is when the annual confession of faith class meets with the pastors and elders to make confession before us and to share how the Lord has worked and is working in their lives. Last night was no exception. We were privileged to hear from close to 20 young people who will be making confession of faith before the church, God willing on September 5. What an evening it was—so encouraging, so Christ-centered, so obvious and clear that the Holy Spirit is at work among us! We also as pastors and elders share how the Lord converted us as well. At times there were tears of joy shed at God’s amazing grace. There was just one big empty place in our midst—Jordan Kamp, a recent high school graduate who died so suddenly about a month ago was in this class also. Pray with us for the mourning as well as for those making confession of faith that their lives will manifest, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!”