2021 Puritan Reformed Conference – Day 3

Our annual Puritan Reformed Conference is over. This morning Dr. Josh Buice—pastor in Douglasville, Georgia, and organizer of the G3 conference—delivered a powerful message on “Gospel Empowerment” based on Romans 12:1-2, stressing how the Holy Spirit empowers believers for both total surrender and for sanctification (see picture below with him and his wife Kari).

Our own Dr. Mark Kelderman (picture below) gave the final address on “Gospel Hope” based on 1 Peter 1:3ff, bringing the conference to a close by taking us, as it were, to the joys and fullness of heaven where hope will be swallowed up by love forever.

To the hundreds of you who attended in person throughout the conference and the thousands of you who livestreamed into our conference, please receive my hearty thanks. I hope and trust you were richly blessed. Pray with us, as the old divines often said, that God will be the “after-preacher” to apply His Word to our hearts and lives. And God willing, please join with us again next year, August 25-27, as we take up the glorious theme of “The Grace of Salvation.”

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