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The Shorter Writings of George Gillespie

In cooperation with Naphtali Press, Reformation Heritage Books has just printed the first of three volumes of “The Shorter Writings” (375 pages in a critical edition meticulously done by Chris Coldwell) of George Gillespie (1613-1648), the famous, young, and brilliant Westminster divine who contributed in significant ways to the writings and work of the famous Westminster Assembly in the 1640s. In addition to close to 100 pages on Gillespie’s life in prefatory material, this volume contains six significant treatises by Gillespie, of which “Wholesome Severity Reconciled with Christian Liberty” is itself well worth the price of this treasured volume. Highly recommended!

When Gillespie was on his deathbed at age 35 after only ten years of ministry, Samuel Rutherford wrote to him that he should look only to Jesus, and then added, “Christ in and by you hath done more than by twenty, yea, an hundred gray-haired and godly pastors. Believing is now your last task.” Pray with me that God would raise up many more gifted young men in our day, stalwart for biblical, Reformed, confessional, experiential, and practical truth.