Archives for August 6, 2021

Congratulations to Kenneth and Elizabeth Kiambati

We had the privilege this evening of attending the Christ-centered wedding and reception of one of our theological students, Ken Kiambati, from Kenya, with Elizabeth VanderWall, from Grand Rapids. By God’s grace, they are a very God-fearing couple—and both the wedding and reception abundantly showed that.

In the three pictures shown, we are first with the wedding couple; second, with Ken’s mother and sister who surprisingly and providentially were able to make it safely from Kenya, Africa despite Covid restrictions; and third, Pastor Mark Raines, one of our PRTS alumni who serves a Reformed Baptist church in Connecticut, delivering a beautiful message from Psalm 34:3 on magnifying the Lord together as husband and wife.

Please pray for Ken and Elizabeth that God will use them mightily for the coming of His kingdom.